Nice to meet you

Thank you for visiting DubbelDwars Advies, founded by Wendy Dubbeld over 10 years ago. We support organizations with strategy and management advice as well as program or project management. In addition, Wendy is active as a researcher with a focus on knowledge management.

Customers say

"I worked with Wendy with great pleasure and appreciation. Wendy has helped me and my (former) colleagues on multiple occasions as an advisor/coach or projectleader of smaller and larger projects in energy transition. Wendy is a very capable consultant who can structure complex problems and translate these to hands-on findings or projects. Working with Wendy is a pleasure because her goal is not only to finish the project, but also create knowledge. In doing so, she not only delivers a short-term product, but also long-term value." - Monique Hoogwijk, Program Manager

How we work

We support you and your organization with activities related to strategy and innovation. Our expertise is best used in services industries and we specialize in the energy industry. We have over 25 years of experience in strategy, marketing, process- and projectmanagement and we combine hands-on experience with academic insights.

What do particularly well:

Analyze and structure: we go through piles of information, solve complex puzzles and structure information and ideas.

Communicate: in a clear, concise, structured and sensible manner.

Connect people and ideas: we focus on similarities.

Enthuse and encourage: we help others accomplish results and make them see and do what they are capable of.

5 pointers and a bonus tip for clients and consultants who create knowledge

Customers say

"I met Wendy about 15 years ago when we both worked with Nuon. At the time, Wendy's capacities were clear: engaged, sharp and empathising. Now that Wendy is self-employed, I notice the same qualities. She is versatile, formulates clearly and delivers quality work. In the past few years, Wendy conducted a market analysis as part of our  strategic plan and she facilitated team meetings. She can be used in many areas such as marketing, strategy as well as projectmanagement as a projectleader or facilitator. If I hire Wendy, I know things will be fine." - Tom Cohen, CFO/MD

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